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Our history

If we have chosen as an emblem, the magnificent rhododendron which stands majestically in front of the facade of our house, it is because it reflects our vision of life.

It is a worthy representative of nature that we love so much, Pascal and I ... It takes time to grow and the delicate fragrance of its flowers perfumes us but with overcoming us.

Lovers of the land and its riches, of the vine and of gastronomy, we are committed to sharing this passion that drives us from our youngest age. We are happy to make you benefit from our privileged and soothing environment in the calm of our delicious landscaped garden and its terrace facing the vines that run along a water course.

We wanted this natural setting, to be friendly, to preserve the charm and the spirit of a family home, our family ... by going as far as to give it the name of our daughter, Anaïs. More than a hotel restaurant in the heart of the pretty historic district of Luxembourg, the Jardins d'Anaïs are a warm place of life that awaits you ...

Annabelle Hazard and Pascal Soutiran, owners of Les Jardins d'Anaïs

Luxembourg, or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country full of charm where nature reigns supreme. Bordered by Belgium, Germany and France, it is a multicultural country where many nationalities coexist.

It includes two main regions: Oesling to the north, which is part of the Ardennes massif, and Gutland to the south, an extension of Lorraine in the geological sense of the term.

Luxembourg, the European capital and seat of the institutions of the European Union, has always played an essential role in the history of Europe. By staying at Les Jardins d'Anaïs you can explore this country which deserves your full attention. A few steps from our establishment, the Bock casemates (extraordinary network of 23 km of underground galleries) of the old fortifications of the city are a must ...