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A hymn to gastronomy ... The luxury of an exceptional table

The vine, gastronomy, terroir, respect for real produce and their guaranteed origins, this has been the objectif of your hosts who have constantly evolved for over ten years. From their arrival at Les Jardins d'Anaïs, it was this passion that motivated them to work hard in order to propose the best in gastronomy.

To meet this challenge, Annabelle Hazard and Pascal Soutiran called on Christophe Quentin, renowned chef trained in renowned restaurants including Le Jules Verne, restaurant of the Eiffel Tower, alongside Alain Ducasse.

The challenge was met in the first year, in November 2018. Chef Christophe Quentin's dishes, as deliciously creative as they are generously classic, whose motto could be: "Sublime without disguising", are awarded one star in the Michelin Guide.

The Chef,
Christophe Quentin

For more than 20 years, Christophe Quentin's career has been linked to the prestigious addresses of French gastronomy: two years spent at Chez Taillevent with Philippe Legendre, three years at Aux Crayères in Reims under the leadership of Gérard Boyer, one year at the Assiette Champegnoise alongside Arnaud Lallement, three years at the restaurant of the George V in Philippe Legendre's team, no less than nine years at the Jules Verne with Alain Reix then Alain Ducasse and one year at the Grand Hôtel de la Paix with Christophe Raoux.

Back in his native Ardennes in 2013, he ran a brigade of 10 people at the restaurant of the Château du Faucon. He is now in Luxembourg, where his creativity is expressed with talent using beautiful seasonal produce from the Luxembourg terroir which he sets out to highlight by working with local producers.

His philosophy of gastronomy is simple but precise, in a few words he sums up his vision: "My cuisine is rather classic, I have never followed trends and fashions, what I like is to remain at the heart of the product".