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An ode to gastronomy ... The luxury of an exceptional table.

The vine, gastronomy, terroir, respect for real products and their guaranteed origins, this has been the hosts’ objective, who have constantly evolved for over ten years. Upon their arrival at Les Jardins d'Anaïs, their passion was carried away and motivated them to work hard in order to introduce their guests the best gastronomy possible.

The Chef

Our restaurant, and our regulars are aware of it, has distinguished itself since its inception by the search for the perfect blend of tradition and inventiveness.

To emphasize this attraction and perfect our adherence to our adopted country, we decided to have our menu signed without further delay by one of the most respected Chef in the country, who won a Michelin star for the restaurant “Becher Gare” a few years ago.

Jérémmy Parjouet is, moreover, originally from Champagne, like the owners of “Les Jardins d'Anaïs”, and began his career at the three Michelin star establishment “Les Crayères” in Reims.

But this skilled Chef is also part of the Luxembourg landscape as if he was born there, his grand-ducal career having led him, apart from the “Becher Gare”, to establishments known as "Ikki", "Le Fin Gourmand" or "Sensi".

Jérémmy's culinary concept is a redefined “bourgeoise cuisine”, for which, in agreement with the Chef, we have decided to use it mainly with suppliers that cultivate local products, such as the renowned market gardeners of the Kirsch Family and “Paniers de Sandrine”.


Les Jardins d'Anaïs offers you :

parking 15€/24h

Free Wi-Fi connection throughout the establishment

You can also PLEASE your loved ones, or yourself, by opting for one of our “Gift” offers!

A choice of proposals, imagined for each of your desires.

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